8 years combining craft and technology

crafting the exceptional
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8 Years Fusing Craft & Technology

Developed and refined over several years, our patented Kryolux™ technology uses less energy than a light bulb, whilst offering totally unrivalled performance.

Handmade in England

Each Kaelo is hand-built in the Cotswolds and is a masterpiece of British engineering. Chosen for their wealth of expertise and relentless attention to detail, our craftsmen are committed to perfection and are at the heart of the Kaelo story.

Rigorous Testing

Utilising experts in the field of thermoelectric systems, every aspect of Kaelo is rigorously tested; from its Kryolux™ cooling technology to the smart-touch crown. Safe and perfect functionality is always surpassed.

The Crown

Our most intensive and critical process is the creation of the Kaelo crown. Meticulously crafted from a 3kg block of raw stainless steel, each crown is hand-finished by a single master craftsman, until it is an absolutely flawless trophy of labour.



Each commissioned Kaelo and Kaelo podium is an orchestrated work of art; a symphony of precision craftsmanship, patented technology and pioneering design.

Every Kaelo is tested independently and must be absolutely impeccable in both performance and lustre, before being signed off by its maker.



Flawless quality in every aspect of Kaelo’s creation is achieved through the expert eyes of our dedicated craftsmen. The same person will always craft each component, ensuring every single piece is of the perfect form and function.

Only 7 trusted craftsmen will come into contact with each Kaelo, before it is carefully hand-finished, assembled and tested by one of our master craftsmen in the Cotswolds.