Features & Functions


With a simple touch, Kaelo’s chamber cools down rapidly; with no need to prepare, plan or wait, not a single second is wasted.

Perfectly Dry

Kaelo works using only electricity, with no need for ice, water or refills. No more mess. No more maintenance. Just uninterrupted enjoyment.


Smart Touch

Kaelo is embedded with smart-touch technology, providing the smoothest experience possible. Personalise your experience with 27 hues of brilliant illumination, all at a simple touch.

Patented Technology

Developed and refined over several years, our patented Kryolux™ technology offers totally unrivalled performance.


Flawless Quality

To ensure the highest possible, and flawless finishing, each major component in a Kaelo is crafted from solid blocks of raw material. Every Kaelo is rigorously tested before being signed off by its maker.


Kaelo runs effectively from less power than a 60-watt lightbulb, automatically switching itself off after 2 hours if it detects it is not in use. Precious resources are saved through its iceless design, as no power or water are wasted with the continual creation of ice. All waste materials are recycled by our craftsmen for other projects.



Personalise your Kaelo with a range of our crown finishes fit for a king. Dazzle with high-shine stainless steel or choose a luxury finish, from sultry Rose Gold through to striking Gun Metal Grey.

Easy Installation

Kaelo installation is incredibly simple. Lower Kaelo into hole, screw in, then plug into the mains via a standard socket. That’s it! Free-Standing Kaelo’s and furniture require no installation.