Our Story

The Lightbulb Moment

Ice buckets are ugly.

It had to be sexy.

Our founder Kevin Jabou, isn’t shy about what drove him to reinvent the outdated ice bucket.
Obsessed with beautiful design, Kevin was distinctly under-whelmed when it came to his first experience drinking Champagne out in a restaurant in his early 20’s. After the group had been dripped on all evening by the bucket and bottle, and nearly knocked the whole thing flying, Kevin went home thinking about how badly the whole concept needed an update.
In his mind, he envisioned something subtle, discreet and sexy. So started an obsession that was set to span the best part of a decade.


7 years

of development

Using his skills as a product designer, and commandeering the family shed space, Kevin set about testing and trialling, in his own words, ‘millions’ of different prototypes and ideas, to try and create a beautiful solution.
It took him 7 long years, whilst working a number of different jobs to help fund what had now become his obsession, and roping in as many friends and family to help him as he could, but he finally cracked the technology he had envisioned, and Kaelo as it known today was born.


The search

for perfection

Much of the battle of 7 years, was Kevin’s natural need for engineering perfection. He combed the length and breadth of the country to find the right craftsmen to help him create the Kaelo to the quality he imagined it. For instance, he actually taught himself a number of different polishing techniques, and ordered all the industrial equipment he needed to run his own tests to polish the Kaelo crown to the high level he wanted it at. To then find the right craftsman to be able to match the level he had achieved in his shed, took him one full year of searching to find the right person who met his high standards.
This is why you’ll often find us referring to our crowns as ‘super-mirror polish’ – there’s a story behind it, and polished just wasn’t going to cut it, when communicating with our customers the level of dedication that has gone into each different part.


What’s in a name

Pronounced – Kay-lo

The name ‘Kaelo’ is a mixture, stemming from the Japanese word ‘Kaezen’, meaning continuous self-improvement, ethos which the whole Kaelo team live by daily, and ‘halo’ – so given for the halo of light that illuminates each bottle in the chamber.