Our Story

Every good idea starts with a problem…

…ours was a dripping bottle from an ice bucket. Underwhelmed by existing solutions to keep a bottle chilled without the ice, the mess or the clunk, Kevin knew there had to be a better way.
And that’s what started an obsession that has spanned the best part of a decade. Commandeering the family shed, Kevin set about testing and trialling prototypes, ideas and processes to try and create a solution.

Easier said than done

Turns out that the reason no one had done a good job of re-inventing the ice bucket is that getting solid-state cooling to work at a small scale is insanely hard and manufacturing limitations usually get in the way.
It took Kevin 7 years, over 300 prototypes and a lot of help from friends and family before finally cracking both the technology and the manufacturing to create what is now Kaelo.
It took a while but we think the outcome is worth it – beautifully simple, incredibly effective.


What’s in a name?

Pronounced “Kay-lo”. It’s a mix of the Japanese word ‘Kaizen’, meaning “seven years in a shed” (or “continuous self-improvement” if we’re being strict on our translations) and “halo” – from the light that illuminates each bottle as it sits in the chamber.

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