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"One of the best gadgets for wine"

"A great innovation"

Perfectly chilled. Always within arm's reach.

From a quiet night in on the sofa, to entertaining with friends, Kaelo serves each glass of wine as perfectly chilled as the first.

How Kaelo works

One single touch activates Kaelo’s patented cooling system to rapidly chill down the chamber and provide the perfect environment to reliably
maintain a chilled bottle’s temperature.

An everyday luxury

Kaelo uses our patented cooling system to serve a chilled bottle of wine at the same temperature until the very last drop.

One touch and Kaelo is cold within moments, and will ensure your wine stays chilled and the bottle stays dry.

No need for ice or water. Kaelo is fully electric and uses less energy than a 60W bulb.

Precision Engineered in England

Each Kaelo component is machined with 0.1mm accuracy to ensure powerful performance, reliability and a flawless finish. Every Kaelo is then hand built, tested and signed off by its maker with a 5 year warranty.

We’re convinced you’ll love your Kaelo, but if you don’t just return it to us within 60 days for a full refund.

Watch below – the craft behind each Kaelo

Perfect temperature

Keeps white wine or champagne within 1-2°C of opening temperature. No overcooling/warming like an ice bucket.

Powerful patented technology

Kaelo is super cold in seconds. No waiting. No preparation.

Kryolux dry serve

Your bottle stays completely dry.
No ice. No water. No drips. No clean up.

Smart touch control

No remote. No buttons. No geeky display.
Simply tap once for the perfect serve.

Kaelo Features

No Refillables

Nothing to prepare, refill or clean up - serve again and again with ease.

Solid Chamber

Precision machined from a 5KG block of high strength aluminium for maximum performance and durability.

Seamless Crown

Flawless edge to edge curve crafted from a single 3KG block of steel, mirror polished by hand, embedded with touch sensitive control – beauty and functionality.

Halo Illumination

27 colours bring a sense of fun to the occasion. Includes option to use without.

Extra Wide

Caters for all 75cl bottles up to Dom Perignon and Krug shapes.

5-Year Guarantee

Hand-built British quality you can rely on, with each Kaelo performance and finish tested before being individually signed off by its maker.



Mirror-polished stainless steel crown
60 day no-quibble money back guarantee
5 year Kaelo warranty 



Mirror-polished stainless steel crown
60 day no-quibble money back guarantee
5 year Kaelo warranty 



Side Colour

Clear selection

All orders carry a 1-2 week delivery time
Product dimensions: 61 x 23 x 23cm
Standard 3-pin UK plug
International plug free of charge
Adapter Input Voltage: 90 to 264V AC

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