Kaelo uses patented technology to maintain the original temperature of your bottle. Working as a compliment to a wine fridge, if you take a bottle out at 8 degrees, Kaelo will keep your bottle to within a degree for up to 2 hours.


The fridge stores it right, Kaelo serves it right.

Kaelo is designed to maintain the temperature of a bottle.


However, if your bottle isn’t quite cold enough place it in Boost Mode, this will chill your bottle by 3-4 degrees. After half an hour, it’ll automatically go back into Kaelo mode where it’ll maintain that new temperature. This is available on Kaelo Plus only.

The technology has been developed so you don’t need to. Kaelo creates a cold jacket that insulates the bottle, meaning it maintains the bottle’s original temperature.


– For any drink between 5-12 degrees, put it in Kaelo mode.
– For Red Wines stored between 12-18 degrees, place it in Red wine mode.
– If you’d like your bottle a bit colder, place it in Boost mode.

Sit next to your Kaelo, and run through these instructions with Ali: Click here to watch on YouTube


Or read through our User Guide: kaelo.co.uk/user-guide


Please note if you don’t have a Kaelo Plus model you won’t have access to Red Wine or Boost mode.

When the time comes to clean the Crown, use warm water and a micro-fibre cloth to avoid scratching the metal. To clean the inside, simply take a wet cloth and wipe away any residue.


We recommend cleaning the chamber mat every month, just put it in the dishwasher then place it back inside.

Get a straw and…
The chamber has no seams or joins, so the only issue when you spill a drink is the lost drink (let’s hope it’s not Champagne). We recommend using a sponge or cloth to collect the liquid, then wipe clean using your usual cleaning products.

Definitely. It costs no more than 2p per hour to run and is powered by electricity.


If you store wines at specific temperatures, often kept in a fridge for days, weeks, or even months, that energy is wasted if the drink isn’t enjoyed at that temperature. Using Kaelo means every sip will be perfectly chilled, exactly how it was intended to be.


Kaelo saves on producing and wasting ice, which can be expensive if using an ice machine and inconvenient if you have stacks of ice trays in your freezer. And let’s face it, those water drips on your clothes and worksurface are quite annoying.

For Curved styles, Kaelo can be retrofitted into existing spaces. We offer free installation when purchased through our webshop: kaelo.co.uk/shop


For Flush and Undermount styles, we recommend cutting the hole during the fabrication of your worktop or surface, due to the type of hole required. The full installation guides can be read here: kaelo.co.uk/install

Being an electrical item, Kaelo can’t be out in the elements. However, if it’s placed under cover then there’s no issue in using it outside. Note that Kaelo won’t function fully in ambient temperatures above 35 degrees, if it does then it will automatically turn itself off.

Yes, we designed it for this very reason. Speak to your kitchen designer and they’ll be able to design a lid that fits in with your chosen work surface.

For any models purchased after June 2022, you can replace the Crown to whichever colour and finish you fancy. Get in touch to find out more.

Enter your postcode to find your nearest showroom on our Dealer finder: kaelo.co.uk/find-a-dealer

Don’t worry, we’ll solve this as quickly as possible. Please get in touch at info@kaelo.co.uk or speak to us on 0207 8701 115

If you have any questions, email us at info@kaelo.co.uk

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