"One of the best gadgets for wine"

"A great innovation"

The ultimate serve

Open a cold bottle and put it in your Kaelo – that’s it.

Kaelo’s patented technology is ready instantly and your wine will be perfectly chilled until the very last drop.

How Kaelo Works

Step 1

Select your chilled wine

Step 2

Pour generous glasses

Step 3

Enjoy every drop perfectly chilled

Why Kaelo?

Beautiful design, incredible functionality, or just because it’s cool… find out why we think you’ll fall in love with Kaelo

The craft
behind Kaelo

Designed in London and hand built by our master craftsmen in the Cotswolds.

Have a look at what it takes to build a Kaelo

Our story

From shed to Shoreditch, find out how seven years and complete obsession helped bring Kaelo to life

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